Character and Virtue Exploration (CAVE) visited Saur Health in Winona for its final meeting of the year.  The club members spent time with residents and made “pocketful of sunshine” door tags to decorate each resident’s door. CAVE is a club on campus that has been meeting for the past two years and explores different virtues through discussion and service projects.  Senior Peyton Buerman, said “I like that the club gives me the opportunity to give back to the Winona community through service projects.” Cave’s meetings are facilitated by one of the club members, prompting and leading the club’s discussion on a virtue and a community service project related to the virtue. Senior Ella Boomgaard said, “I have enjoyed leading and participating in virtue discussions. It is interesting to discuss different virtues with friends outside of the classroom.”  The club is looking forward to expanding next year and all students are welcome to join. If you are interested in being part of the club next year please sign-up at Plaza Palooza or stay tuned for next year’s first meeting!