Saint Mary’s school of education is committed to providing virtue-based professional development for faculty and staff as curriculum development continues. Tony Klemmer, Ph.D., founder of Wisdom for Good, led a personal formation retreat for twelve faculty and staff at Saint Mary’s.

Diane Moeller, Associate Professor in the Ed.S. in Educational Administration program, said, “The goal of the retreat was to shift the way we see the world through a moral lens so that we can understand moral goodness, human flourishing, and ultimately lead lives of meaning. We will continue in four virtual sessions in the coming weeks to complete our retreat together.” 

The retreat incorporated discussion, journaling, reflection, music, art and handwriting to help unlock participants’ right brains to experience a deep shift in thinking. The retreat also explored moral exemplars and studied excerpts from the sacred texts of a range of the world’s wisdom traditions. 

Dr. Klemmer is the founder and president of Wisdom for Good and the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education. He holds degrees from the Harvard Business School, the Wharton School, and Salve Regina University. He is an experienced facilitator of discussion-based learning and serves as a moderator for the Aspen Institute Global Leader Network.