On September 18th, delegates from several faith-based universities around the country gathered at the Minneapolis campus of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Dr. L. Gregory Jones, president of Belmont University, and Dr. Liz Gulliford, honorary research fellow at the Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues, were keynote speakers. The convening focused on  the role of faith in higher education as well as character and virtue education. Dr. Jones presented: “Formation for Flourishing: Why faith-based higher education can help renew the purpose of education.” Dr. Gulliford presented: “An Appreciative Critique of the Jubilee Centre’s Character Framework” and “Alternative meta virtues to phronesis from a Christian perspective”. 

Dr. Gulliford also subsequently facilitated conversation on the Winona and Minneapolis campuses on September 19th and 20th to students and faculty. She spoke on servant leadership and the virtues of gratitude and forgiveness.