Saint Mary’s welcomes Diane Moeller as a core faculty member in the Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) program in the school of education. Diane is an accomplished educational leader with over thirty years serving in the roles of teacher, principal, superintendent, and an executive director of a special education collaborative. Most recently, she served as the Principal at STRIDE Academy in St. Cloud, MN. 

As Principal of STRIDE Academy, Diane provided the vision and leadership needed for this K-8 charter school that had been slated for closure due to the lack of management and low student achievement. In a year’s time, Diane established collaborative initiatives to organize curriculum, recruit families, design assessments, provide professional development opportunities, and institute new procedures for financial management oversights. STRIDE Academy has since been recognized by the State of Minnesota as a leader in teaching English Language Learners and continues to serve families and students in the Saint Cloud area. 

Saint Mary’s is redeveloping the curriculum to enhance its Ed.S. curriculum by integrating character-based leadership and a virtue-based approach to professional ethics. “Our program has always been proud of our graduates who go out to lead school communities with high degrees of success,” said Moeller. “Embedding virtue ethics and character explicitly into our program will ensure that our graduates are not only competent for licensing, but know who they are as individuals and will stand for what is right and just as they lead complex school communities.” 

Diane brings twenty-nine years of teaching experience at Saint Mary’s as a long-term adjunct instructor. She is known by students as a practical, thoughtful, and committed faculty member. Her areas of expertise include school operations, strategic planning, financial oversight, community relations, curriculum development, staff development, conflict resolution, technology, human resources, and team building. “In order to truly flourish, our schools need leaders who lead with competence and character,” said Moeller. “We are grateful to have this opportunity to add such a rich dimension to our already strong curriculum.” 

In addition to her teaching and administrative responsibilities in the Ed.S. program, Diane will also direct Saint Mary’s new charter school leadership program launching in the Spring of 2023.